Art + Technology = Quality Control

ArtsNews Feature Artists who are riding the wave of new technology are discovering it gives them greater control over their art, more options, finer quality and a host of new conveniences. Artist Marc Weinstein, President of Color Group, a full service photo and imaging lab in Hawthorne, is most excited about how new technologies are enabling artists to duplicate their work. “In the old days we worked with artists to reproduce their work,” says Weinstein.

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Color Group Crosses the Digital Horizon

By Rich HandleyImaging Business Magazine When Marc Weinstein went to work for his father more than 20 years ago, he could not have predicted how different their family-run photo lab would become in time. Back then, Color Group Inc. of Hawthorne, NY, made its profit–as photo labs everywhere did at the time–on film processing and enlargement. Bulky, clunky, equipment lined the place, and the concept of an all-digital photo lab that worked without film seemed

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A Company of High Tech Images

WHEN reproductions of paintings were needed for an exhibition at Philipsburg Manor in Sleepy Hollow, the task was given to Color Group Imaging Labs in Hawthorne. The company reproduced 3 1/2-by-7-foot, double-panel displays of paintings from the late 1600’s to the early 1700’s from 4-by-5-inch transparencies for the exhibition called ”Cross Roads and Cross Rivers: Diversity in Colonial New York.” Marc Weinstein, president of Color Group, said museum curators are especially sensitive to color, light

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